Financial Restructuring

Financial Restructuring 

One Square is the leading German advisory firm in financial restructuring.

We advise creditor groups and companies on the restructuring of capital structures in situations where the operational performance of the company no longer supports the current capital structure.

Our main strength lies in the development of financing concepts and tactical options for our clients. The basis is always a in depth – usually quantitative – analysis of the current situation and a corresponding mapping of the medium-term planning in a financial model. Careful preparation and a detailed understanding of one’s own options for action as well as the options of the other side are the key to successful negotiations.

Both the detailed technical analysis and quantification of options and the intimate knowledge of the formal processes – German insolvency proceedings, transfer of the company’s center of main interest (COMI), English law administration proceedings (e.g. Scheme of Arrangements or Plan 26A restructuring) or StaRUG proceedings – and the legal framework are our tools of the trade.

We create differentiation and added value for our clients through our experience, creativity and uncompromising commitment to the interests of our clients and, if desired, assume management or CRO positions and thus taking on personal liability risks.

Through our years of experience and market leadership in restructuring financial instruments with large, sometimes very heterogeneous creditor groups, e.g. bonds and German promissiory notes, we understand the legal and contractual basis and the dynamics of these asset classes. We are familiar with the often-complex organisations of creditors and have an in-depth knowledge of the motivation and actions of all relevant decision-makers of the most important financial creditors from many projects as well as numerous mandates in creditor committees.

Our typical clients are

  • German and European commercial banks
  • International hedge funds and special credit funds
  • Bondholders
  • Promissory noteholders
  • Companies with large operational footprint in Germany