We are experienced restructuring managers.

Financial restructuring and corporate finance are our core competences. We have extensive experience in complex financial restructurings and M&A transactions. Our personal network with leading decision makers in the financial and political world helps us to work most efficiently.

Conflicts are part of our daily routine. We have hands-on experience as insolvency administrator and we are well connected to all relevant insolvency practitioners and legal advisors. We have detailed knowledge of the legal framework in Germany and its practical application.

Cross-border situations are our specialty. Our presence in the core markets Germany and United Kingdom has allowed us to build an impressive track record of highly visible cross-border restructuring cases. In addition we have expertise in using the English jurisdiction for German restructurings (see references).

We act as entrepreneurs.

Action-oriented and creative. With our integrated approach we combine financial aspects with operational issues and strategic positioning. We are 100% reliable, independent and loyal, acting in the interest of our clients.

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