Advisory services for all aspects of financial restructuring and distressed M&A as well as lender advisory services and the creation of advanced control mechanisms.

Financial restructuring advisory services
  • Development of strategic and tactical options, contingency planning
  • Negotiation and negotiation support
  • Value break analysis and debt capacity review
  • IBR / German viability opinion ("Sanierungsgutachten")
  • Financial and covenant modelling
  • Compliance and advisory support concerning insolvency filing obligations
  • Cash management
  • Identification of funding sources
  • Process and communication management

Lender advisory services

  • Review of bilateral loan agreements, syndicated loans and asset-backed lending
  • Development of recovery and exit options
  • Negotiation and facilitation
  • Review of suitability of German viability opinions ("Sanierungsgutachten")
  • Review of short-term liquidity
  • Communication and negotiation with German insolvency administrators
  • Adhoc financial reviews, quick assessments
Distressed M&A
  • Distressed valuation
  • Identification of distressed buyers
  • M&A process management
  • Negotiation with insolvency administrators and distressed vendors
  • Tactical negotiation advice


Control mechanisms

  • Specialised trustee solutions (RIVA - Rescue Investment Vehicle Alternative)
  • Structuring and management of wind-down vehicles
  • Assumption of operational responsibilities and active pursuit of restructuring measures as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

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