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Our news releases relating to our common representative mandates are only available in German and can be found on the German version of our website ( If you require information on any of these situations, you can contact us on +49 89 15 98 98 0 or where we will be happy to assist you. 

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01.08.2019 |

Air Berlin PLC – Third status report in the insolvency proceedings of Air Berlin PLC available


Munich, 1 August 2019 – On 31 July 2019, the insolvency administrator of Air Berlin PLC provided KEOS GbR (“KEOS”), in its capacity as joint representative of the EUR 225 million, 2011/2018, 8.250% bonds issued by Air Berlin PLC (the "Bond", ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B), with a report on the progress of the insolvency proceedings concerning the assets of Air Berlin PLC.


03.06.2019 |

Rickmers Holding AG: Preliminary Distribution to bondholders - delay

Munich, 03 Juni 2019

Dear bondholders,

Since the payment of the preliminary distribution of 20 December 2018 has not yet taken place and a further short delay unfortunately cannot be avoided, we apologise and would like to explain this as follows:

For legal and tax reasons, it is necessary to determine the correct individual payout amounts as well as the distribution of these between the nominal amount and the accrued interest. In determining these values, we are dependent on information from the insolvency administrator. This information relates in particular to the breakdown of the receivables from the bond determined in the insolvency table. Initially, the insolvency administrator determined only a lump sum of € 250 million out of € 306.0 million registered, so that it was initially not apparent which claims were disputed by the insolvency administrator and which claims had been determined.


04.01.2019 |

One Square Advisory Services GmbH: Rickmers Holding AG: Preliminary Distribution to bondholders

Munich, 7. January 2019 - On 20 December 2018, the insolvency administrator of the insolvent Rickmers Holding AG made an initial preliminary distribution of liquid assets of one percent of the expected recovery.


19.06.2019 |

One Square Advisory Services GmbH: Rickmers Holding AG (WKN: A1TNA3 / ISIN: DE000A1TNA39) – takeover report available for bondholders


Munich, 19 June 2019 - The insolvency administrator provided the takeover report in the insolvency proceeding of Rickmers Holding AG. ‎

Bondholders can request a copy of the report against proof of their bondholder position (deposit statement not older than 10 business days). Requests and deposit statements must be sent by email to or fax: +49 89 15 98 98 22.


19.03.2019 |

Significant approval from creditors for the convertible bond 2015/2020 in the vote without meeting for all of the motions 


Munich, 19. March 2019 – publity AG published the following ad hoc announcement on 19. March 2019 

„publity AG (Scale, ISIN DE0006972508) is providing information on the results of the noteholders’ vote with respect to the convertible bond 2015/2020 (ISIN DE000A169GM5).