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14.09.2018 |

Rickmers Holding AG – termination of self-administration

Munich, September 14th 2018 - On 13 September 2018, the board of Rickmers Holding AG has applied for the termination of the self-administration at the local court of Hamburg. The main objective of the self-administration was to stabilize and continue the operations of the company and to ensure its best possible sale. This has been successfully accomplished:

  • The core business “ship management” was sold in October 2017. The sales price by far exceeded the expectation of the main creditors.
  • In coordination with the financing banks, all vessels (container and bulker) could be monetised avoiding follow-up insolvencies and vessels being arrested.
  • For the entire group of formerly over 100 companies, value-eroding follow-up insolvencies could be prevented completely.
  • Contracts concerning winding up the core shareholding “Polaris”, with involvement of the financing banks and a Chinese shipyard, have been negotiated ready for signing, thus a follow-up insolvency could be prevented, and the value could be secured for the creditors of Rickmers Holding AG.


18.07.2018 |

STADA Arzneimittel AG – One Square Advisory Services GmbH appointed as joint representative of the EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% bond (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP)


Munich, 18. July 2018 – On 17. July 2018, the second bondholder meeting of the EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% bond, issued by STADA Arzneimittel AG (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP) (the “bond”) took place. By resolution of the bondholders’ meeting on 17. July 2018, the bondholders appointed One Square Advisory Services GmbH (“One Square“) as their joint representative to represent them and to assume their rights and obligations.


09.05.2018 |

One Square Advisory Services GmbH: Rickmers Holding AG (WKN: A1TNA3 / ISIN: DE000A1TNA39) – 1. interim report and written comment of the custodian available for bondholders


Munich, 9 May 2017

The self-administration of Rickmers Holding AG provided the first interim report in the insolvency proceeding of Rickmers Holding AG. The custodian has also provided his written comment on the report.


01.03.2018 |

Frankfurt, 1st March 2018 - André v. Holtzapfel, who has been a Senior Advisor to one square for several years, will lead the Frankfurt office as Managing Director from 1 March 2018. In addition to the operational management of the office, which has now grown to a team of five professionals, André v. Holtzapfel continues to play a key role in steering the advisory activities of one square in finance and restructuring.

11.01.2018 |

Air Berlin plc – Creditors' meeting in insolvency proceedings on 25. January 2018

Munich, 11. January 2018 – In the insolvency proceedings over the assets of Air Berlin plc, the local court of Berlin-Charlottenburg has convened a creditors' meeting on 25. January 2018 at 10:00am at the Convention Hall II, Estrel Congress Center, Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin. At the meeting, trustee Prof. Dr. Lucas Flöther will report on the status of the insolvency proceedings and creditors will vote on the agenda items, in particular on the possible request to repeal debtor-in-possession proceedings, potential election of a different trustee/insolvency administrator and continuation of the creditors' committee and its members.


02.01.2018 |

Air Berlin plc – Announcement by IAG, owner of airlines British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, to acquire insolvent NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH for EUR 20m from Air Berlin and provide immediate additional liquidity of EUR 16.5m


Munich, 2. January 2018 –  International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A (”IAG”) announced on Friday the 29. December 2017 that it has reached an agreement to acquire insolvent NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH ("NIKI") for EUR 20m from the Air Berlin plc ("Air Berlin") insolvency estate. 


27.08.2018 |

STADA Arzneimittel AG – EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% Bonds (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP):

• Call for participation at the Bondholders' Meeting on 18. September 2018
• Investor conference calls for information purposes on 30. August and 4. September 2018

Munich, 27. August 2018 – Die STADA Arzneimittel AG issuer of the EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% Bonds (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP) has invited the bondholders to a Bondholders' Meeting on Tuesday 18. September 2018, at 10:30 am CEST at the Kultur- und Sportforum Dortelweil (Halle), Dortelweiler Platz 1, 61118 Bad Vilbel (Admission from 8:30 am). One Square Advisory Services GmbH („One Square") in its function as joint representative of all bondholders will participate at the Bondholders' Meeting.

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19.06.2018 |

London/Frankfurt, 19 Juni 2018 - One Square advises Iturri S.A. in its successful aquisition of GIMAEX GmbH

The London team of One Square advised Iturri S.A., a leading manufacturer of fire engines, rescue and security technology, in its successful acquisition of GIMAEX GmbH, Wilnsdorf (Germany).


17.04.2018 |

Air Berlin PLC –  Continued trading of the Air Berlin PLC EUR 225 million 8.250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) beyond maturity date

Munich, 17. April 2018 – The EUR 225 million, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond issued by Air Berlin PLC (the “Bond”, ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) matures on 19 April 2018.


26.01.2018 |

Air Berlin PLC –  Report on the creditors’ meeting in the insolvency proceedings of Air Berlin PLC of 25. January 2018

Munich, 26. January 2018 – Report of the joint representative KEOS GbR (“KEOS”) on the creditors' meeting in the insolvency proceedings of Air Berlin PLC on 25. January 2018.

The joint representative KEOS participated in the creditors’ meeting of Air Berlin PLC on 25. January 2018 and represented the rights of the bondholders of the EUR 225 million, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond issued by Air Berlin PLC (the "Bond" / ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B).


05.01.2018 |

Air Berlin plc – KEOS GbR appointed as a further member of the preliminary creditors' committee of Air Berlin plc

Munich, 5. January 2018 –  KEOS GbR ("KEOS"), as joint representative of the bondholders of the EUR 225m, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond issued by Air Berlin plc (the "Bond" / ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B), was appointed as additional member of the preliminary creditors' committee of Air Berlin plc by resolution of the local court Berlin-Charlottenburg, dated 27. December 2017. As representative of the largest group of creditors, KEOS is represented by its attorney at law Dr. Bernd Meyer-Löwy.