One Square Advisory Services GmbH - Wirecard AG: Invitation to investor telephone conference with information for bondholders of Wirecard AG on current developments and options


Munich, 22 June 2020 – Wirecard announced on 18 June 2020 that the date for the publication of the annual and consolidated financial statements for 2019 would be delayed as no sufficient audit evidence could be obtained of cash balances on trust accounts which have to be consolidated in the consolidated financial statements in the amount of EUR 1.9 billion. On 19 June 2020, the company announced that Markus Braun would resign with immediate effect as member of the management board and that James Freis was appointed as interim CEO. As a result of these news, the price of the EUR 500.000.000 0.50% 19/24 (WKN: A2YNQ5 / ISIN: DE000A2YNQ58) bond, issued by Wirecard AG (the "Bond") lost over 80% of its value in the past days.

Given the recent developments, greater coordination and alignment of interests is urgently required for the group of the Bondholders. Their representation in potential restructuring discussions or in a potential insolvency is imperative for the preservation of value for the bondholders and the best possible protection of their interests.

One Square Advisors and a team from Kirkland & Ellis invite all bondholders to a telephone conference on Tuesday, 23.06.2020 at 15.30 CEST / 2.30 pm BST, during which the latest developments will be discussed. Furthermore, there will be a first, preliminary assessment of the possible options for the engagement of the Bondholders in possible restructuring discussions. The telephone conference will be held exclusively in English and will be based on public information only.

All current holders of the Bond are invited to this conference call. The public call is not aimed at the press, other stakeholders or buy-side investors.
The dial in details for the telephone conference are as follows:

    • Title: Wirecard AG - Current Information for Bondholders
    • Date/Time: Tuesday, 23. June 2020, at 15.30 CEST / 2.30 pm BST
    • Dial-In Germany: +49 69201744220
    • Dial-In UK / International: +44 2030092470
    • Dial-In USA: +1 8774230830
    • PIN: 54427031#

One Square Advisors has an excellent track record in representing bondholders in restructuring and insolvency proceedings. E.g. One Square Advisors represents the interests of bondholders in the insolvency proceedings of AirBerlin, Rickmers (both together with Kirkland & Ellis) and SolarWorld as joint representative.

One Square, in cooperation with a team from Kirkland & Ellis, is already representing the interests of several institutional bondholders and recommends to the bondholders of Wirecard AG, to bundle their interests and to be represented jointly for the best possible protection of their rights. By registering, creditors will receive further updates and can participate in the investor call. Creditors can register with us on our homepage or at wirecard@onesquareadvisors.com.

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