STADA Arzneimittel AG – EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% Bonds (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP):

• Call for participation at the Bondholders' Meeting on 18. September 2018
• Investor conference calls for information purposes on 30. August and 4. September 2018

Munich, 27. August 2018 – Die STADA Arzneimittel AG issuer of the EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% Bonds (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP) has invited the bondholders to a Bondholders' Meeting on Tuesday 18. September 2018, at 10:30 am CEST at the Kultur- und Sportforum Dortelweil (Halle), Dortelweiler Platz 1, 61118 Bad Vilbel (Admission from 8:30 am). One Square Advisory Services GmbH („One Square") in its function as joint representative of all bondholders will participate at the Bondholders' Meeting.

Background to Bondholder's Meeting is the decision on the instruction of the joint representative to join the Intercreditor Agreement (see agenda item III) and to implement certain technical changes of the bond terms that are required in this context (see agenda item IV). These agenda items were postponed to 18. September 2018 at the Bondholders' Meeting on 17. July 2018, upon proposal of the chairperson and the Issuer during the meeting, as the necessary quorum / presence of 25% of the issued Bond was not reached at the meeting.

At the Bondholders' Meeting on 17. July 2018, One Square Advisory Services GmbH was elected joint representative to represent the bondholders and exercise their rights and protect their interests.

The joint representative has examined the proposed resolutions intensively and sees significant benefits for the bondholders and supports this approach.


In 2017, the financial investors Bain Capital and Cinven acquired the majority of STADA shares through their holding, Nidda Healthcare Holding GmbH ("Nidda").

The acquisition was financed by bank loans from several banks and amongst other things by a secured bond. The financing was issued at Nidda, the holding company, level and is guaranteed by guarantees by operating subsidiaries of Nidda and, furthermore, is secured by collateral in rem by operative subsidiaries of Nidda.

To include the STADA bond in this collateral agreement as well, it is necessary for the bondholders to agree to the resolutions proposed above. The resolutions make it possible for STADA bondholders to participate equally and proportionately in the collateral provided, if such collateral is provided.

To make sure that the holders of the STADA Bond will be able to participate in the additional collateral, the joint representative requests the bondholders to give their consent to the items on the agenda. To achieve this, a presence of min. 25% of the outstanding nominal amount of the STADA bond in the bondholders' meeting as well as a majority of at least 75% of the voting rights participating in the vote are required.

For this reason: Every vote counts and is important!

Should the resolutions not be taken, this will mean that the STADA Bond cannot participate in collateral, when the collateral is constituted. The STADA Bond would in such case remain unsecured, while other debt and liabilities of STADA might be collateralised. Amongst other things, this could result in a fall of the market price of the bond.

Registration and participation

To participate at the Bondholders' Meeting on 18. September 2018, bondholders are requested to register with the service provider Link Market Services GmbH commissioned by the Issuer, if possible, by the end of 14 September 2018 at the latest (i.e., by 24:00 midnight (CEST)) using the following address (by mail, fax or e-mail):

STADA Arzneimittel Aktiengesellschaft
c/o Link Market Services GmbH
„STADA-Anleihe 2015: Gläubigerversammlung"
Landshuter Allee 10
80637 München, Deutschland

Fax: +49 (0)89 21027-289

For an orderly registration to the Bondholders' Meeting, the following forms are required to be completed by the bondholders:

1. Registration form; and
2. Special confirmation with blocking notice, by the depository bank that the held bonds are blocked from trading till the end of the day of the Bondholders' Meeting
On the registration form, bondholders are asked to indicate whether they wish to participate in person at the Bondholders' Meeting, be represented by an authorised representative, or be represented by a proxy of STADA Arzneimittel AG. In the case of representation by an authorised representative, the form

3. Power of attorney

form is additionally required. For the purposes of the registration, bondholders can visit the homepage of STADA Arzneimittel AG ( or on the home page of the joint representative at to download the forms to register. One Square offers interested bondholders to represent them at the bondholders' meeting on 18. September 2018. For this purpose, the form "Power of attorney for third parties (One Square)" is to be completed.

Investor conference calls for information purposes

To answer any questions bondholders may have about the Bondholders' Meeting on 18. September 2018, One Square is holding two conference calls on 30. August 2018 and 4. September 2018, each at 5:00 pm CEST. Interested bondholders are requested to register at or to register by emailing The dial-in details for the two telephone conferences will be sent subsequently.
One Square already represents numerous bondholders and calls upon all bondholders to exercise their rights, to bundle their interests and to be represented by One Square accordingly.
One Square asks unregistered bondholders to register on the homepage of the joint representative via to be added to the email newsletter. One Square is available for further questions at any time via email at
One Square Advisory Services GmbH
Theatinerstr. 36
80333 Munich
fax +49 89 15 989822


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