STADA Arzneimittel AG – One Square Advisory Services GmbH appointed as joint representative of the EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% bond (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP)


Munich, 18. July 2018 – On 17. July 2018, the second bondholder meeting of the EUR 300,000,000; 2015/2022; 1.750% bond, issued by STADA Arzneimittel AG (ISIN: XS1213831362 / WKN: A14KJP) (the “bond”) took place. By resolution of the bondholders’ meeting on 17. July 2018, the bondholders appointed One Square Advisory Services GmbH (“One Square“) as their joint representative to represent them and to assume their rights and obligations.


Resolutions on the authorization of the joint representative to accede to the Intercreditor Agreement (agenda item IV) and on certain technical changes to the bond terms and conditions necessary in order to implement this accession (agenda item V), have been adjourned to 18. September2018 as proposed by the chairman of the meeting and the issuer, as the bondholders' meeting did not reach the required quorum of 25% of the volume of the nominal value of the bond attending the meeting. The time until 18. September 2018 is supposed to be used to mobilize a sufficient number of bondholders to participate.


One Square already represents numerous bondholders and calls upon all bondholders of the EUR 300,000,00 2015/2011, 1.750% bond to exercise their rights, to bundle their interests and to be represented by One Square accordingly. One Square asks unregistered bondholders to register on the homepage of the joint representative via to be added to the email newsletter. One Square is available for further questions at any time via email at



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