Air Berlin PLC –  Continued trading of the Air Berlin PLC EUR 225 million 8.250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) beyond maturity date

Munich, 17. April 2018 – The EUR 225 million, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond issued by Air Berlin PLC (the “Bond”, ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) matures on 19 April 2018.

Because of the Air Berlin PLC insolvency proceedings all claims against the company, are treated as due. Therefore, the contractually agreed repayment date of the Bond, i.e. 19 April 2018, has no further significance. It therefore does not imply that there will be any repayment of the Bond.

The joint representative, KEOS GbR (“KEOS”), has successfully ensured the continued trading of the Bond on the open market (Freiverkehr) beyond its maturity date on 19 April 2018.

KEOS will keep registered bondholders informed about the further developments and is available for questions via email at Bondholders of the Bond, who have not yet registered with us, are kindly asked to register via email or on our homepage at under the heading “Bonds” / “Air Berlin”.



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