G&P GmbH & Co. KG: SolarWorld AG (WKN: A1YCN1 / WKN: A1YDDX) – Publication of the insolvency administrator’s report to an online data room

  • The report by the insolvency administrator will be uploaded to an online data room
  • Bondholders can request access to the online data room
  • Proof of a current bondholder position is required to receive access
  • Use of the online data room is free for Bondholders

Munich, 19 October 2017 - G&P GmbH & Co. KG and Alexander Elsmann, in their role as Joint Representatives of all bondholders for both SolarWorld AG bonds (ISIN DE000A1YCN14 / WKN A1YCN1 und ISIN DE000A1YDDX6/ WKNA1YDDX), have created in a virtual online data room for the purpose of making the insolvency administrator’s report, dated 11 October 2017, available to bondholders. Please note that the report is only available in German.

Bondholders of either bonds, who would like access to the reports, should send a request to G&P GmbH & Co. KG (solarworld@onesquareadvisors.com) with proof of their bondholder position using a current deposit statement (being not older than 2 weeks).

Following the request, a link to the virtual online data room will be provided by email. The reports will only be able to be viewed in the data room and cannot be downloaded or saved. The use of the online data room is free for bondholders. The reports are only available to creditors and are not public or to be forwarded.

The Joint Representatives for the SolarWorld AG bondholders will provide information about any further developments and are available for any questions at solarworld@onesquareadvisors.com and info@rechtsanwalt-elsmann.de.


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