Air Berlin plc – KEOS GbR elected as common representative for the EUR 225,000,000; 2011/2018; 8.250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B)


Munich, 23. November 2017 – On 22. November 2017, the meeting of the bondholders of the bond, issued by Air Berlin plc (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B), took place in Berlin. By resolution of the bondholders’ meeting on 22. November 2017 and a majority of 99.96% of the present votes, the bondholders elected KEOS GbR ("KEOS") as common representative to represent them and to assume their rights and obligations in the insolvency proceeding of Air Berlin plc. KEOS is a joint venture vehicle of K&E Treuhand GmbH and One Square Advisory Services GmbH. KEOS will exclusively represent the bondholders’ rights and interests and will aim to maximise the bondholders’ recovery in the insolvency proceedings of Air Berlin plc. For this purpose, KEOS will aim to ensure that possible claims of the insolvency estate in all directions are thoroughly reviewed.


Furthermore, KEOS will file the bondholders’ claims for repayment of the bond’s nominal value and interest to the list of creditors once requested by the administrator. Bondholders shall not register their claims individually.


KEOS informs registered bondholders about the proceedings and is available for further questions at any time via email at Bondholders, who have not registered with us thus far, are asked to please register via email or on our German homepage at under the heading “Anleihe” / “Air Berlin”.



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