Air Berlin plc invites to bondholders meeting to vote for a common representative on 22. November 2017

  • The insolvent Air Berlin plc invites the bondholders of the EUR 225,000,000, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) to vote for a common representative on 22. November 2017 in Berlin, at 10:00 am (admission from 8:30 am), Room MOA 6, Mercure Hotel Moa Berlin, Stephanstraße 42, 10559 Berlin.
  • The common representative represents all creditors of a bond in the insolvency proceedings pursuant to the German Bond Act (SchVG 2009) and pools interests and rights against the liquidator and other stakeholders
  • One Square is already supported by many bondholders and is calling for attendance at the meeting or representation, to vote a common representative of the EUR 225,000,000, 2011/2018, 8.,250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B)

Munich, 2. November 2017 - The insolvency petition on the assets of Air Berlin plc, which have been pending since 15. August 2017 at the District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg were opened on 1. November 2017. The previous provisional administrator attorney Prof. Dr. med. Lucas Flöther of Flöther & Wissing (Postbox 10 30 10, 18005 Rostock) was appointed administrator in the opened proceedings. Additionally, the general insolvency creditors’ meeting will take place on 25. January 2018 in Berlin. The self-administration remains in place.

With the opening of the insolvency proceedings on 1. November 2017, the District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg orders the creditors of the EUR 225,000,000, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B), the only bond under the German Bond Act (SchVg 2009), hereafter the "Bond", to a bondholders' meeting. The sole purpose of the meeting is the election of a common representative of the creditors of this bond. One Square Advisory Services GmbH ("One Square"), well acquainted with both the facts and the persons involved and already enjoying the support of many bondholders, recommends that all bondholders of this bond attend the meeting or be represented.

By electing a common representative, the bond creditors have a single point of contact for the further procedure. The latter exercises the procedural rights for all creditors of this bond and represents them in the further proceedings. In addition to participation in insolvency-law creditor meetings, this also includes the registration of all claims from the bond to the insolvency table as well as the communication and negotiation with the insolvency administrator and other creditors. Moreover, the common representative reports to the bondholders regularly and is available for questions.

Participation or representation at the bondholders' meeting on 22 November 2017 is dependent on the proper proof of the creditor's status by means of a so-called proof of deposit with blocking notice, which must be provided in the original version and a copy of a valid passport.

For the bond creditors, for whom a personal presence is not possible, One Square Advisory Services GmbH, in cooperation with lawyers, offers a free representation at this bondholders' meeting. In the case of participation by a representative, who must be a qualified lawyer, a power of attorney must also be presented following the guidance of the court, which can be a signed fax or scan via email. Bondholders who are not natural persons must continue to provide proof of their entitlement to represent the bondholder by means of proof of power of attorney (for example, commercial register extracts). According to the court, all documents must be in the original version and in German. In the case of foreign documents, a certified translation including the original Apostille is required.

The representation at this bondholders' meeting, which is carried out by accredited lawyers, is free of charge for bondholders. The remuneration of a common representative to be elected is also to be borne by the debtor, i.e. Air Berlin plc or its insolvency estate, pursuant to Section 7 (6) SchVG.

One Square offers support to the bondholders in meeting the formal requirements. Please register on our homepage with your name, address, email address and nominal amount in the input mask (German version of the homepage) or please contact us by email or fax, so that we can send you the templates for the power of attorney and the proof of deposit with blocking notice. Forms are also available on our German homepage at under the heading “Anleihe” / “Air Berlin” to download for free. Please remember that you can send us the signed power of attorney and passport copy via fax or e-mail, and send the original proof of deposit with blocking notice to the following address per mail:



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