Windreich: One Square Advisory Services GmbH appointed as Common Representative of Bondholders 

Windreich GmbH
On January 13, 2014, the bondholders' assembly has appointed One Square Advisory Services GmbH (represented by Mr Frank Günther) as the Common Representative for the following bonds:

  • ISIN: DE 000A1 H3V 38
  • ISIN: DE 000A1 CRM P9

All holders of said bonds are asked to register at One Square Advisory Services GmbH. Please send an email to

and state the name of the holder, postal address, email address and nominal amount of bonds held. Alternatively you can communicate this information on +49 (89) 15 98 98 11.

An individual registration of claims against the insolvency estate is not necessary, as this will be carried out by One Square Advisory Services GmbH on behalf of all bondholders.