About us 

One Square Advisors is the specialist for German distressed assets. We offer our clients  unparalleled competence, creativity and reliability. The partners and the senior team of One Square Advisors together have more than 100 years of experience in restructuring. This is complemented by activities in management consulting, operational management and principal investment.
Especially in complex and cross-border situations we develop creative solutions that make use of all possible options. Our team of 15 professionals in Munich and London is highly motivated, aggressive and nimble on our clients' behalf.

We maximise your bargaining position
  • Constantly develop credible strategic alternatives and tactical options
  • Extensive cross-functional expertise, technical excellence and creativity to achieve the best solution

We create solutions with substance

  • Validate offers, formulate responses and threats
  • Assess business and legal risks
  • Create control structures

We commit the right resources
  • Drive process management, critical for large stakeholder groups
  • Dedicated senior team from inception to completion
  • Free up your resources

We fight your corner

  • Facilitate negotiations without prejudice of own agenda
  • Act as buffer and can be as aggressive as required
  • Question commonly held beliefs

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