Welcome to the One Square page for Steinhoff Europe AG bondholders and Schuldschein holders 

Welcome to the One Square page for Steinhoff Europe AG bondholders and Schuldschein holders 

EUR 800.0 m 1.875% 17/25 Notes (ISIN: XS1650590349 / WKN: A19LXV)
EUR 772.0 m Schuldscheine
One Square have been asked by certain holders to represent the interests of the Steinhoff Europe AG €800m bondholders and €772m Schuldscheine in the anticipated upcoming financial restructuring. This page has been set up to help information flow and provide contact details for more information

We are delighted to have been invited to assist lenders with this situaion. As the market leading restructuring advisor in German bondholder situations, we see this as a positive reflection of our past performance and a strong endorsement of our capabilities

For more information about One Square, please see our main website. English version here, or German version here.

Bond / Schuldscheine registration

To receive more information on the Steinhoff situation, we ask that people provide contact details and confirm acceptance of our disclaimer (found here) for compliance purposes. Please note that all information you provide will be held in confidence.

Registration form for bondholders / Schuldscheine Steinhoff Europe AG  

More Information

We have set up the email address steinhoff@onesquareadvisors.com to deal with any information requests. Please do email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

News and announcements


Munich, 21 December 2017

One Square Steinhoff Europe AG bondholders and Schuldschein advisory team

see the whole team here

Munich, 20 December 2017

As published in the press and by the company, a bank meeting of the Steinhoff Group took place on Tuesday 19. December. The bond and Schuldschein lenders, with volume of EUR 1.5 billion, are one of the largest lender groups and are currently insufficiently represented.

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Munich, 13 December 2017

Accounting irregularities put Steinhoff's bond prices heavily under pressure; Bondholders should bundle their interests in the near term.

Steinhoff International Holdings N.V., parent company of Steinhoff Europe AG, issuer of the following fixed rate notes:

  • EUR 467.5m 4.500% 11/18 Convertible Notes (ISIN: XS0605635787 / WKN: A1GNRX);
  • EUR 465.0m 4.000% 14/21 Convertible Notes (ISIN: XS1023684282 / WKN: A1ZC1B);
  • EUR 1,116.3m 1.250% 15/22 Convertible Notes (ISIN: XS1272162584 / WKN: A1Z4ZX);
  • EUR 1,000.0m 1.250% 16/23 Convertible Notes (ISIN: XS1398317484 / WKN: A180HY); and
  • EUR 800.0m 1.875% 17/25 Notes (ISIN: XS1650590349 / WKN: A19LXV)

announced on 6. December 2017, following the announcement of the immediate resignation of CEO Markus Jooste, that certain accounting irregularities have emerged which require further investigations.

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