KEOS GbR: Air Berlin plc 

KEOS GbR: Air Berlin plc 

Bond EUR 225 mio. 2011/2018 8,250% (WKN: AB100B / ISIN: DE000AB100B4)

Air Berlin plc, issuer of the EUR 225,000,000, 2011/2018, 8,250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) filed for insolvency on 15. August 2017 at the District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg. As part of the preliminary self-administration procedure, substantial parts of the assets have already been sold.
By resolution of the bondholders' Meeting on 22. November 2017, the bondholders elected KEOS GbR to exercise their rights and interests in the insolvency proceedings concerning the assets of Air Berlin plc, as their common representative.
As a bond creditor, you can register directly with us, stating the name of the account owner, the email address and the nominal amount held. In this way, we can ensure that you receive all relevant information, developments or changes as soon as possible from us in the future.

In case you hold any of the other Air Berlin bonds, you may find more information on the homepage of the insolvency administrator:

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Munich, 28. November 2018
The insolvency administrator of Air Berlin PLC provided KEOS GbR in its capacity as joint representative of the EUR 225 million, 2011/2018, 8.250% bonds issued by Air Berlin PLC with a report on the progress of the insolvency proceedings concerning the assets of Air Berlin PLC.

Munich, 17. April 2018
The EUR 225 million, 2011/2018, 8.250% bond issued by Air Berlin PLC (the "Bond", ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B) matures on 19 April 2018.

Munich, 26. January 2018

Report on the creditors' meeting in the insolvency proceedings of Air Berlin PLC 

Munich, 11. January 2018

Creditors’ meeting in insolvency proceedings on 25. January 2018

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Munich, 05. January 2018

KEOS GbR appointed as a further member of the preliminary creditors' committee of Air Berlin plc

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Munich, 02. January 2018

 Announcement by IAG, owner of airlines British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, to acquire insolvent NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH for EUR 20m from Air Berlin and provide immediate additional liquidity of EUR 16.5m

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Munich, 23. November 2017

KEOS GbR elected as common representative for the EUR 225,000,000; 2011/2018; 8.250% bond (ISIN: DE000AB100B4 / WKN: AB100B)

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Munich, 02. November 2017

Air Berlin plc invites to bondholders meeting to vote for a common representative on 22. November 2017

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