One Square Advisory Services GmbH: Rickmers Holding AG (WKN: A1TNA3 / ISIN: DE000A1TNA39) 

One Square Advisory Services GmbH: Rickmers Holding AG (WKN: A1TNA3 / ISIN: DE000A1TNA39) 

By resolution of the bondholders' Meeting on 1st June 2017, the bondholders elected One Square Advisory Services GmbH to exercise their rights and interests in the insolvency proceedings concerning the assets of Rickmers Holding AG, as their common representative.

Registration form for bondholders Rickmers Group 

Munich, 19 June 2019

The insolvency administrator provided the takeover report in the insolvency proceeding of Rickmers Holding AG. ‎


Rickmers Holding AG: Preliminary Distribution to bondholders - delay

Munich, 03 Juni 2019

Dear bondholders,

Since the payment of the preliminary distribution of 20 December 2018 has not yet taken place and a further short delay unfortunately cannot be avoided, we apologise and would like to explain this as follows:

For legal and tax reasons, it is necessary to determine the correct individual payout amounts as well as the distribution of these between the nominal amount and the accrued interest. In determining these values, we are dependent on information from the insolvency administrator. This information relates in particular to the breakdown of the receivables from the bond determined in the insolvency table. Initially, the insolvency administrator determined only a lump sum of € 250 million out of € 306.0 million registered, so that it was initially not apparent which claims were disputed by the insolvency administrator and which claims had been determined.

It was not until the end of March 2019 that we received information from the insolvency administrator on the individually disputed claims from which we calculated the corresponding claims determined in the insolvency table (the holders of the disputed claims are informed, unless you have been contacted separately by us, you are not affected by this). As a result, we sent the instructions for the distribution process and the relevant documents to registered bondholders on 2 April 2019. In calendar week 21, we received a further letter from the insolvency administrator detailing and quantifying the claims identified in the insolvency table. The amounts stated in this letter unfortunately contradict the claims previously communicated as established and must now again be discussed and clarified with the insolvency administrator at short notice.

Since we have largely completed the preparation and audit process and wanted to begin with the payments in calendar week 21, we have refrained from reporting water levels in the meantime. We apologize for this. We are currently endeavouring to resolve the differences with regard to the established insolvency claims as quickly as possible and will continue with the disbursement process as soon as possible. Until then, please be patient and thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


One Square Advisory Services GmbH
Theatinerstr. 36
80333 Munich

Munich, 07 January 2019

On 20 December 2018, the insolvency administrator of the insolvent Rickmers Holding AG made an initial preliminary distribution of liquid assets of one percent of the expected quota.

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Munich, 14 September 2018

On 13 September 2018, the board of Rickmers Holding AG has applied for the termination of the self-administration at the local court of Hamburg. The main objective of the self-administration was to stabilize and continue the operations of the company and to ensure its best possible sale.

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Munich, 09 May 2018


1. Interim report and written comment of the custodian available for bondholders

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Munich, 11 October 2017

The self-administration of Rickmers Holding AG provided the report at the creditors' meeting on 10 October 2017. The custodian has also provided his written comment on the reprot.

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Munich, 06 October 2017

The joint representative has filed the claims arising from the Bond WKN: A1TNA3 / ISIN: DE000A1TNA39. consisting of the nominal value, interest due on 11 June 2017 and accrued interest since that date, with the administrator.

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Munich, 18 September 2017

In the insolvency proceedings over the assets of Rickmers Holding AG, the local court of Hamburg has convened a creditors' meeting on October 10 2017.

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Munich, 11 September 2017

Joint reprsentative ensures the continued trading of the bond

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Munich, 09 June 2017

Termination of listing of Rickmers bond in Prime Standard segment on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Munich, 02 June 2017

One Square Advisory Services GmbH elected as joint representative for the bond 2013/18 (WKN: A1TNA3 / ISIN: DE000A1TNA39)

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